How to install Yii Framework

 1).  Installation:

       can be done by two methods:
                                  The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

                                      Either run

                                      composer require 2amigos/yii2-ckeditor-widget
                                      or add
                                      "2amigos/yii2-ckeditor-widget" : "~2.1"
                                      to the require section of your application's composer.json file.

2).  Usage:
          The library comes with two widgets: CKEditor and CKEditorInline. One is for classic edition and the other for inline editing          respectively.

        Using a model with a basic preset:

NOTE:(you have to use this code to frontend/views/ and your respective folder  where you want to use ckeditor)

        use dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditor;

    <?= $form->field($model, 'text')->widget(CKEditor::className(), [
        'options' => ['rows' => 6],
        'preset' => 'basic'
    ]) ?>
      Using inline edition with basic preset:

    use dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditorInline;

    <?php CKEditorInline::begin(['preset' => 'basic']);?>
    This text can be edited now 🙂
    <?php CKEditorInline::end();?>

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